How we are building a radically different Design Studio from India.

Illustration work by Principal: #BB8888

1. Our Office.

Aim: A Fully Remote, Zero Infrastructure Model.

Our Meta-Studio.
Perspective view for video calls.

2. Our Org Structure

Aim: A Flat, Pseudonymous Organisation.

3. Our CEO

Aim: To Make Decisions Based on Data, not Emotions.

Our team members interacting with ACHT.
Note the dip during Covid.
An example of a branding exercise hourly estimate.
An example of a branding exercise timeline estimate.
  1. Hours Billable
Our new Team Member dashboard we will be launching soon.

4. Our Work Hours

Aim: To Promote Work Life Balance.

5. Our Lab.

Aim: A Space for Radical Experimentation and Projects.

Our Beach (Labs)

Bonus: Enjoy our 404 Page.

We created a fun 404 page that is inspired by Space Invaders that is a game encouraging people to wear a mask during theCovid crises. Click here to play.



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