Meet Crumple

Why we built Crumple

In the early days of Lazy Eight we were a small team kicking off our design studio. Internally we would share a ton of notes. The spectrum of tools at that time looked a bit like:

  1. No accounts.
  2. Speed.
  3. Ability to publish something quickly / Read-Only mode.
  4. A Simple Doodle Board / Whiteboard.
  5. Ability to share code snippets smartly.
Crumple V1 breakdown
Our team members are loving the doodle feature. This beauty is by our Principal #bb8888

What’s Next?

Currently for V1 we are seeing a significant increase in month over month in usage. Existing Kaagaz users are digging the build, so for the next version we didn’t want to mess around with much. Aim for V2 is to maintain the bloat-free simplicity while exploring ways to bake in some intelligence using existing AI frameworks. Here are some examples of what we are playing around with internally:

Highlight the text prompt and then tap the magic wand that pops up.
The AI generated text response then magically appears on the same Crumple note.
Text prompt + Doodle prompt * Illustrative concept.
AI generated image * Illustrative concept.



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