The History of Work in India

Why the 5/6 day work week?

Why is it 8 hours/day?

Pre-Industrial India.

Industrial Revolution & British Colonialism.

1990s — 2000s (BPO + Service Industry)

  • Average Indian working age: 18–67
  • This equates to 49 years of work-life.
  • Total hours: 429,240 hours
  • Total sleep: 143,080 hours (avg. 8 hours per night)
  • Total wake: 286,160 hours
  • Total workdays per year (Government Worker India) = 251 days
  • Total workdays: 12,299 days (between 18–67)
  • Avg. Indian Government works 8.5 hours/day (42.5 hours / 5-day week)



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